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I decided to name my Wu Xing High snake guy Xie, I’ve been fiddling with his clothes a bit too, as the first few outfits (aside from school uniform) were too dull aha ha. He would wear a lot of green, plum and maroon, sometimes with patterns, and would prefer longer sleeves and scarves as he’s COLD-BLOODED.

Xie’s often sleepy and very languid in his mannerisms; he either spends all of his time sleeping in the sun or drinking coffee and reading. He seems mysterious to other students but it’s mostly because he hides away a lot!! However he’s kind and talkative (especially about books!!) and blushes really easily. uwu

He’d be awful in classes, as he’d accidentally fall asleep all the time (except in any athletic subjects where he would sneak away to nap on purpose)…..

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