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I'm Sam Jacobin, I'm from Sydney, AU, and I like to draw.


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I don’t know why I get this sense of urgency that I HAVE to post at least one picture a day, regardless of if I’ve drawn anything or not? And if I haven’t drawn anything, I get ridiculously stressed over not posting art to tumblr, even though it makes no difference, ha ha..

In any case I’m just going to upload a few WIPs that I’ve been sitting on for months and months. They’re not even interesting, I just get motivated to draw so rarely this year! I really would like to finish them, too.

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  7. thrynnie said: poor bb don’t be stressed /pet pet I LOVE THAT MONSTER THING and ooo sexy times /stares at oxley longingly
  8. kuropo said: please dont feel stressed! tumblr ain’t no thang. sometimes i dont post art for days and days lmao massages your shoulders u wu)/ these drawings are all very nice/beautiful WONDAFUL im jealous of your skill
  9. abiosis said: OH MY GOD THAT MONSTER IS THE BEST IM SCREAMING I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! your art is so fab. i still need to draw brant n divine~~
  10. greiison said: I GET THE SAME GODDAMN FEELINGS WHAT THE HELL is wrong with us let’s hug it out okay. anyway oops these are gorgeous ;v; man the design of that first guy is just wicked
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