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I'm Sam Jacobin, I'm from Sydney, AU, and I like to draw.


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i have a pile of gorgeous art from catherine and nicola sob sob so heppy

even though this trip has kind of sucked im glad i got to meet two really great friends irl because of it and im so sad i couldnt visit them for longer ;_; also i suck and didnt have much to give them in return wahh

anyway im up late because i am stupid, we have an early bus to london to take tomorrow. im gonna finish trades and then im going to draw random shit during this trip/waiting for stuff like taxis lol so plz give me requests via reply or the ask thing idk

  1. idiacanthidae said: Draw someone doing laundry? Like old-fashioned laundry with a washtub and a clothesline and all that. :D.
  2. jenmondain said: Draw me Aug in a bikini and some gay and maybe even Clement
  3. jacobin posted this
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