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I'm Sam Jacobin, I'm from Sydney, AU, and I like to draw.


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I wasn’t going to upload this illustration on its own, but I’ve been too busy to post much here lately! I really loved the full-version of the cover of my Oxley and Zacria art book, so here it is without text (and rotated 90°).

I’m thinking of opening preorders for a second run of Higher Love, so if you missed out on picking one up during Smash (or you’re located overseas) this is a thing that will happen soon! :)

More cute summer Oxleys, can’t stop drawing them in hotpants and bandeaus, hahaha. So excited to work on their story soon!!

I miss dressing for warmer weather; can’t wait for spring! Hadn’t drawn Oxley in fab clothes for a while! They would enjoy making a summer wardrobe while touring, considering that their home planet is perpetually cold and wintry.

(I have a sudden fascination with drawing them in booty shorts and bandeaus as well…)

I don’t think I uploaded any of the other stickers I made for Smash, so here are some Evangelion kids

I made some angel stickers too but photoshop doesn’t want to open my file right now, and I can’t save a web version, curses. You can see the finished sticker sheet in this table number post I made before Smash (I still need to do a con report, weeks later. Long story short; it was incredible and I want to table more often ;;)

Hi! My name is Chiara, im 14 and i want to be an artist and i was wondering if you could give me some advice based on what i'm doing? Its ok if you cant! Thank you very much! (My artblog is kikasdrawings!) —daydreamsmiracles

Heyyy! Sorry about the slow reply, I’ve been ridiculously busy this past month! This is a bit hard for me to answer though, so I will give you some general advice that I wish I’d known at that age. To be honest, most of this is super-generic, but I know that I DEFINITELY wish that I’d been doing these earlier on in my artistic path;

  • Don’t be afraid to push yourself and draw subject matter that you are weak at! I know that this is one of the most ubiquitous responses to questions like this, but for real. I think when I started honestly pushing myself to draw what I was bad at drawing, I improved dramatically. I used to be intimidated by shading/lighting, but now I find it kind of fun; previous victories also include clothing design, proportion, colour theory etc. I have a list of things that I’m currently working on, and making progress always feels great. :)
  • DRAW FROM LIFE! I got a lot of enjoyment from drawing characters from shows and games that I liked, but interpreting real life (or photos) in your own style teaches you so much! To be honest, I need to pick this back up as I don’t do nearly as many studies as I should be doing!
  • Relevant to the last point; (but not directed towards the asker, it just came to mind) you can only get so far mimicking other artists. Don’t strive to become a clone of your inspiration (that ain’t cool for anyone involved, really).
  • But also don’t feel self-conscious about drawing things from shows or games or whatever. Exposing yourself to lots of different things is SO beneficial. I guess this is why I say to not focus on mimicking one particular artist/style. Make your own creative path and line it with your passions, etc etc uvu !
  • Don’t fret if you feel like you aren’t improving or you don’t like where you’re at. I used to let this get me down a lot! But in the end I guess I realised I was still learning from the work I wasn’t entirely happy with, even if the process was slow. Putting yourself down isn’t going to get you anywhere, and kind of becomes a cycle that’s hard to break from.

I don’t really have any formal artistic training (I have an education in graphic design) so I don’t have any cool techniques to pass on really! I honestly just draw things that I am passionate about and that I find aesthetically pleasing. I’ve found that much of the work that I put the most heart into has been the most beneficial to me! :’D

A Zacria I drew while putting together my book Higher Love, I needed to draw a punky version of him to match this Oxley I drew back in Feb! Obviously I need to draw a couple picture of them in these outfits now (Oxley would definitely want to take a million selfies of xir own outfit as well as Zac’s)…

Completely forgot to upload any of the new art that I did for the book, as well as art I made for merch I sold at SMASH! so I’ll post some more in the coming week.

oxleys hair confuses me do they have an undercut?? what is this trickery?????? —Anonymous

I tried to think of a way to describe Oxley’s hair using just words but I couldn’t, so… I’ll do it with the assistance of images. :’D But yeah they KIND OF do, though it isn’t that obvious because of how they tend to style their hair. It’s very short at the back/sides, while on top it’s feathered/layered to reach maximum length right in the middle. They also have a little bit of a fringe, which is cut at differing lengths. I don’t draw their hair longer on one side in particular, because Ox can flip it onto either shoulder.

They have naturally wavy hair, and because Ox (and Zac) are buggy aliens, I like to imagine their hair feeling different to ours, probably more… fluffy and feather-like! Ox would style their hair with a lot of hairspray to get that perfect 80’s popstar floofy hairstyle going on (though I imagine it would take some effort to tame it regardless of what they want to do with their hair).

Totally forgot to upload this, but I did the cover for smashcon's program booklet again for 2014. :D If you were at Smash last weekend you may have seen it, hehe.


Oh my gosh today was so much fun, what a great first time tabling?? AHH <3 Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by, and especially to those who bought my book, you make all of the hard work put into it worth it! ;; <3333

I still have around 10 copies of Higher Love left for tomorrow, but I will definitely be reprinting them soon so if you’re not able to make it to SMASH, I will be taking preorders for another print run in a few weeks! I still have quite a few stickers and prints left, and I will be taking traditional sketch commissions tomorrow as well!

I hope to see you guys there tomorrow! I’ll still be at table 19, and I’m happy to chat! c:

(Now I’m going to collapse into bed because I am EXHAUSTED)

                                       △▲ HIGHER LOVE. 

28pp + 4pp matte cello cover, full colour. A collection of my works featuring Oxley and Zacria. I will be selling these at SMASH! this weekend (9th & 10th August 2014). I’ll have limited copies, but I am hoping to reprint and sell them online if interest is high enough! :)

As a bonus note… Each book will be signed individually by Oxley and Zacria themselves…… >:3c

OMG! I will be tabling for the first time at SMASH! on the 9th and 10th of August (this weekend!!) I’m tabling with my pal jenmondain, with a guest appearance by zooque! Find us at ★ Table 19 ★

I’m going to be selling prints, stickers (shown above) and my book Higher Love, a collection of my Oxley and Zacria illustrations!! I’ll post some more detailed photos of my merch in the next two days. Hope to see you guys there, come and say hi! <3

Hi everyone! I’m temporarily opening my regular commissions before Smash this weekend; more pricing and examples are on my commission page here! General gist of my pricing is $60-$70usd for a full-body similar to what’s shown in the examples above, and $35usd for a bust!

Aiming to take around 4-5 and I will close them once I have enough (please have payment ready to be sent via Paypal if you would like to commission me). Note; I am not taking couple commissions this time around! Turnaround will be a little longer than usual bc of con prep/cooldown, so finished commissions can be expected within 3-4 weeks. :)

Thanks for reading! <3

edit: forgot to mention; I prefer contact via my email at rather than tumblr asks, thanks!

3 days left on the Fly the Colour Fantastica kickstarter!!!

I wanted to share some of my work from our project; this is the cover illustration for my comic; featuring Heze and Estith! My comic features them on a mysterious adventure…

I’d really appreciate any signal boosting or backing of our campaign, more backers = more books printed! Thank you so much guys! <3

Recently repainted an old Link picture from 2012 to sell as a print for SMASH! this year! I am so nostalgic for Ocarina…

thespookz0ne: I’m definitely ok with mailing them overseas once I set up a store after SMASH! :)

dogidillo: I’m only doing a short run of these for SMASH, but I wanted to reprint them and sell them online after the con! So unfortunately I don’t have any for sale right now, but I’ll make a post when I sort out a store and reprint them in a month or so.

Ahh thanks so much for asking as well guys, I was only half-considering reprinting them after the con, but now I know that I definitely want to do it! :’D

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