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I'm Sam Jacobin, I'm from Sydney, AU, and I like to draw.


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that commission you uploaded is beautiful!! will you be opening slots for more soon? —Anonymous

Thank you! <3 Commissions are actually open now, and I will be making a post about it later tonight/tomorrow (I’ve just been a bit too busy to put it together yet).

My prices are here; Jacobin Commissions

I needed to note though, that I’m juggling a few things right now (con prep, anthology work etc) and that my estimated timeframe for commissions is a little longer than usual as a result, about 2-4 weeks. However I try to get sketches out within a day or two of confirmation, as that’s the easiest/quickest part of an illustration for me and gives me a quick idea of what the commissioner wants!

Commission for Becca / ucchusma! Thank you so much for commissioning me! I love drawing characters with wings, hehe. :)

holy moley i really like your theme, how did you get the navigation/tags/other links part to look so nice? —Anonymous

Ah tbh I just used html in my tumblr “about” section, rather than the layout’s original navigation! Involved a little editing of css but it’s quick and easy. I just wanted something plain and minimal. c:

A long-overdue Nameless for Amei / seventypercentethanol (who is one of the loveliest people ever for real)!!

I love so much your art style ** Yuor are amazing !! which software do you use ? —yetictac

Thank you! <3 I use photoshop cs4 for all of my work! Maybe I could do a livestream sometime to show my process, though it’s not that interesting (as I tend to merge layers a lot/paint on one layer).

I’ve been working hard on fandom stuff for Smash, I’m making stickers! Of course I couldn’t resist… Making stickers of my OTP… I want a million Oxley and Zacria stickers to put onto everything. :’D

Still not 100% happy with the layout of that sheet but I’ll figure something out aha.

Self-portrait of myself as a pigeon, because people keep asking me where my tumblr url is from and well. I just really like fluffy, fancy pigeons

(I think only the few people who have known me for 5+ years know of my pigeon obsession anyway)

do you have a nsfw art blog? —Anonymous

I don’t, though I’ve been thinking about making one… I’m really nervous about sharing my NSFW art T^T

(unrelated but I’m behind with asks, slowly catching up on them ahh)

i love your drawings! :3 btw do you have a deviantart page? —camiixlove

Hey, thank you so much! <3 I do, but I don’t use it anymore and it hasn’t been updated for a while, so I don’t tend to share it sorry! 

I made some monsterpeople adopts, as SmashCon is coming up (I’ll be opening commissions again soon after rethinking prices and sorting out my old wait-list). These guys are called Branchis, they’re seaslug sphynx-ish creatures! Monsters with humanoid faces are one of my true loves, and I’ve had these guys on my mind for a few months, hehe.

If you’re interested in buying one, I’m selling them here on weasyl for $35usd each! If you’re interested but you don’t have an account there, email me at jacobinsammy (at) (though the weasyl page will be the most up-to-date with adoptable status). :) 



Aaaaand crowd funding LIVE TO GO!


Keep your eyes open for a reblog campaign coming up in a few days! Wow, I can’t believe it, it’s actually happening, peoples!!

I’ve been working on a short comic to be included in Fly the Colour Fantastica for a while, and I’m SO HAPPY THAT IT’S FINALLY TIME TO SHOW EVERYONE WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WORKING ON!! So many exciting plans…. I would really appreciate if you could support or signal boost! <3

Manakete versions of Oxley and Zacria, because I finished FE:A and a Fire Emblem AU was absolutely necessary. Some manakete traits fit in well with Ox n Zac’s canon species (like long lifespan, wispy antennae things) so I couldn’t resist….

I definitely must draw humanoid forms for this AU too when I get more time! TvT



I DID TORIL AND KATIES OTP MEME!!! What a fun cute meme, gosh. I always love writing about Ox n Zac antics……. I need to do the smoochy drawing meme too when I get time!!!

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I have some lovely asks to respond to from that meme I reblogged last week (thank you so much everyone ahh <3) but I’ve been in deadline hell this week so I haven’t gotten around to it, I’m sorry! I will reply when I can though… In the meantime, here’s an OTP meme about Ox n Zac that I did a few days ago. I’ve been hiding my OC blog away for a while but eh, I’ve hidden anything spoilery so I’ll share it just this once… Please enjoy, I love talking about my babies. >:3

… Actually thank you to people who have sent me asks recently about Ox n Zac as well! I haven’t replied yet as I want to draw responses, but as always, if you have questions or just want to chat about them, I love getting OC asks.

I drew this back in jan and totally forgot about uploading it here, but this was my illustration for aerie's Sengoku Basara fanbook!! I went with modern AU setouchis but I can’t believe I forgot to give Motochika some tatts WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??! Next time….

Ohhh what a fun question thank you anon! I’m really bad at drawing this though, because… I’m so used to drawing Oxley at maximum fabulousness haha…

I think that they would tie their hair up a lot when they’re being lazy/dressing casual. Ox’s hair is generally wavy and feathered but not so much so without hairspray etc! Also visible are cute-ass dark circles and probably spots IDK. Ox loves concealer. I TRIED.

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